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Scholars of Islam demand an end to the War on Terror

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

In a statement issued to Western leaders, scholarly unions representing over 200 scholars of Islam, demand the end to the "War on Terror" and call the leaders to correct their course and learn from their mistakes.

Arab Maghreb Scholars League and Sunna Scholars Association have called for "leaders in the west to replace their policy of war and animosity against Muslims with one of respect and mutual cooperation, to end all military and political interventions in Muslim countries and to offer reparations for survivors and victims' families.

The statement also calls for an end to the human rights violations that have taken place in the name of the War on Terrorism and to bring the perpetrators to justice. The scholars call for:

"The end to all government policies and practices that lead to arbitrary imprisonment, torture, degrading treatment and exceptional powers granted to government agencies."

"The accountability of all governments, their agencies and their officials that were involved in crimes or abuses since 2001."

The statement emphasizes solidarity with all the oppressed people and offers condolences to all those that have died as a result of these wars. It also extends the scholars sympathy to the citizens of western countries who have had to suffer from the disastrous decisions made by their leaders.

"We stand in solidarity with all oppressed people who fight for liberation from tyranny and welcome the victory of the Afghan people against their occupiers. May it be the first of many victories against the War on Terror. We offer our condolences to all those that have died as a result of these wars."

"We extend our sympathy to the citizens of western countries who have had to suffer the social, economic and legal consequences of the disastrous decisions made by their leaders."

"We affirm our conviction in the justice that will be established in the hereafter. The sacrifices of the oppressed will not be wasted nor will the criminals escape from the consequences of their crimes."

Read the full statement here (in English, Arabic and Finnish)

Commenting on the statement, CAGE Managing Director Muhammad Rabbani said:

“It can be argued that it was September 18th, and not September 11th, that changed the world. Apart from Barbara Lee, every single member of the US congress supported this resolution which subsequently led to illegal invasions, war crimes, torture sites, targeted assassination programmes and mass curtailment of civil liberties across the world.”

“It is therefore a poignant moment for Muslim scholars across the world to come together to strongly demand an end to the War on Terror and call for accountability for all those who were responsible for its crimes. The international scope of the signatories demonstrates the global scholarly agreement on this issue.”



Editor's notes:

Andalus Islamic Center is Finland based, independent community organisation working to empower communities and individuals to counter and dismantle Islamophobia, and to show solidarity towards those impacted by the "War on Terror". As of September 2, 2021, Andalus Islamic Center is also a partner for the International Witness Campaign launched by the British advocacy organization CAGE.

The International Witness Campaign explores two decades of the War on Terror, its impact, its failures and its future, while promoting solidarity, justice and dialogue. The campaign seeks to bring justice to survivors, calls for the accountability of the perpetrators and aims to dismantle the entire infrastructure of laws, policies, and rhetoric that justify and prop up the War on Terror industry.

[1] Find a copy of the statement in Arabic, English, and Finnish attached.
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