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A lot of people don't struggle with depression, they struggle with the world we live in

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

KEANU REEVES has said that our reality is becoming more and more dehumanizing, which can be expected given our society's singular focus on maximizing profit.

According to him, many people do not actually struggle with depression, but with the world around them.

Well said; such wise words from a truly developed soul.

Due to our society's obsession with profit, we are indeed living in a more and more dehumanizing reality. Does it seem like some people only contact you when you are successful and doing well? As if they only appreciate you when you are at the top, but disregard you when you aren't.

Do you recall those people who look down on you if you haven't met their expectations and achieved certain "goals"? They treat you like you're less valuable, because you don't contribute towards the society in a way that they don't consider to be "productive".

Yet, when you go through a phase of success in your life or when they feel they can benefit from you in some way, these same people treat you like you're their best friend, and suddenly they support you in whatever you do.

But when your success comes to an end, their support ends as well, even if what you're doing is still the same and hasn't changed.

So, you notice that their "friendship" and "support" is not actually connected to you in person or to whatever you're doing, but rather it's conditional on whether they feel they can benefit from you. You can easily be replaced by these people and sacrificed for the goal of success and profit making.

For them, it's not about being loyal and true friends in good and bad times. Rather, it's about them wanting to succeed in life so much, that relationships and friends become just like a mathematical equation; if you contribute to their success, you stay in, and if you don't, they cast you out. It's that simple.

All this is a reflection of our modern word reality. We live in a world where fame, money, and power are respected far more than people are willing to admit within themselves, despite what they outwardly claim to value. Many people respect each other only based on their money, fame, degrees, or power, and reality has become increasingly all about profit.

Rather than valuing other people based on how successful or famous they are, we should shift our collective goals and start valuing others based on qualities that are far more important like kindness, generosity, humbleness, and sincerity.


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