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Our main mission is to convey a clear perception and understanding of the Islamic Teachings to Muslims and non-Muslims, and to revive and share knowledge on the lost History of Islamic Spain.


In addition, we strive to empower individuals and communities to counter and dismantle Islamophobia. In fact, we recognize that Islamophobia as a global phenomenon reaches far beyond mere 'fear of' Muslims, but it is in reality quite often an attempt to legitimize state violence through dehumanization and othering Muslims. It is also our mission to raise awareness about prejudice, racial and religious discrimination, and global oppression towards Muslims.


As of September 2, 2021, Andalus Islamic Center is also a partner of the International Witness Campaign launched by the British advocacy group CAGE. The International Witness Campaign explores two decades of the War on Terror, its impact, its failures and its future, while promoting solidarity, justice and dialogue.


As Finland still remains probably the only developed country in Europe without an actual built mosque in its capital, Andalus Islamic Center supports the idea of building a mosque in Helsinki and encourages dialogue between Muslims and the Finnish authorities to achieve this goal, which is also the recommendation of ECRI (European Commission against Racism and Intolerance).    

We believe that a proper Islamic Center and a mosque, which focuses on teaching the religion of Islam and its values in a balanced, professional, and academic manner, will not only tackle against racism and Islamophobia and promote the well-being of the Muslim minority in Finland, but in fact, it is also a sign of equality and freedom of religion in a multicultural and multi-faith society and brings well-being, peace, and harmony to the whole Finnish society.


Currently, Andalus Association (founded in 2015) and Community Football Club Andalus FC (founded in 2016) are the two most active operators in our community.

Our Mission, Objectives and Vision
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Näyttökuva 2023-10-10 kello 15.11.48.png


Our main mission is to convey a clear perception and understanding of the Islamic Teachings, and to revive and share knowledge on the lost history

of Islamic Spain.

Our mission
Our Objectives


Convey a clear perception and understanding of the Islamic teachings  by promoting the principles of Islam based on the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Share knowledge on the history of Islamic Spain, and challenge and provide counter-narratives to the dominant and traditional national historical narratives in accordance with the new perspective of teaching history.

Promote cooperation, religious understanding and community harmony through outreach, education on Islam, and participate in collective and global community work that seeks to advance the human rights of Muslims and counter prejudice, Islamophobia, racism, 

and religious discrimination.

Create an Islamic organisation for the purpose of establishing and promoting Islamic education and values, empowering Muslim communities, and to contribute to the building of just and compassionate society.

  As a partner organisation of the International Witness Campaign launched by the British advocacy organisation CAGE, we also promote accountability by campaigning for justice, challenging oppression and highlighting discriminatory state policies that target Muslim communities around the world.

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Our Vision

Andalus Islamic Center


Striving and working together for a world

free of injustice and oppression.

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